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First off, sorry- I'm on hiatus for family reasons.


I have every right to create my own interpretation of America/Alfred F. Jones.
I have never EVER implied that I am Hidekazu Himaruya or that what I say is totally canon.

Are people stupid? Really?

Just because he acts like he hates everyone, doesn't mean he DOES. Yes. He attacks people, cusses, and hates on people. Does that mean that he is any less of a character interpretation? I also apologize if he does attack or hate on people- Because I know that's freakin' rude. BUT THAT'S WHY HE IS FLAWED. HE DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH HIS ANGER.

Countries are not all SUNSHINE and RAINBOWS.

I think it'd be freakin' hard to be a country. You see humans die. Sometimes for just for you. You are friends with other countries for one second, and enemies the next. It's gritty and really depressing.
To watch all your dreams die in front of you.

To have your "father figure" deny your right to be a country and then sneakily try to take you back- And try to manipulate you today. Sure yeah, England is REAL nice.

I'm sorry that you people can't seem to understand this.

But my interpretation is not wrong because you happen to like USUK and you can't handle it when someone doesn't.

Ps: I'm sorry if this honestly offended you. But seriously, I got this comment and I just raged, bro.))


AskTheHeroJones's Profile Picture
Alfred F. Jones
United States
Hey guys! :D.
I'm the United States of America. Totally. Not fooling.

I got a DeviantArt because EVERYONE in the last meetings were talking about it... And I didn't want to be a loser.
So I got one.

((Hai guise. It's Alfred F. Jones. He's the hero. Stupid. Annoying. No worries...
By the way, I am sorry if you get offended by anything Alfred says, it does not always mean I support it or even believe it. He might not be as informed or Politically Correct as some of us are.
He and I are different in terms of opinions and such. So yeah~.

Ps: If you honestly think that this is the canon America... Um... Wow. This is NOT Hidekazu Himaruya. Though all rights of his awesome characters go to him!))

This is my little brother... He's the sweetest and nicest guy to exist. Make him cry just a little, and I shall pound you into dust:
My totally awesome little bro- not Canada- But still epic~:
My awesome and adorable Mochi~:


Canada: Bro... I don't think I tell you how much I appreciate you. You're just... One of the only nations I can turn to. Even when I'm angry... Or sad... Or being stupid, you put up with me... And I love you. You are the best, man. Keep on being Canada... I'll notice you. I-I... promise

England: Yo, old man. Calm down. You'll hurt yourself. N-not that I care. I just don't want you hurt. It'll cost too much to pay. Ahahaha~ Like your fucking wars.
But... But you should smile more... It... It reminds me of the old days. Manipulative bastard...

France: Hey France... *sighs* You're so unreliable... But... But you've been there, huh? Even if it never seems like it, you've got my back. Sometimes. So... So keep on being happy. No! I don't love you. Don't get a stupid idea like that... But you have a nice smile, old man.

Japan: Hey, old bud! Love the video games and anime you send my way!~ Helps a ton, helps. I'm... I'm sorry I'm such a fucking loser of a friend... And you- You still put up with me. I'm not going soft, man. I'm just being grateful. I-... *coughs*

Russia:... Don't even get me started on that communist bastard. He will burn in hell, the mother fucker.

China: Thanks for the debt and cheap plastic, bastard. But in all honesty, you need to help yourself. You're going downhill. And fast.

Mexico: Dude, you need to improve your conditions. No wonder your people like it better over here! Fuck, they work at shitty jobs and get better pay. That tells me something about you. I-I'm worried about you...

Middle East: Uh guys... I'd like you to know that I have no idea what's going on. People and Countries are telling me this and that and I'm totally confused. What is going with you guys? I don't eve- Ahaha! Prepare to be vanquished. What is going on!?


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" hi big brother" the American border sakd
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Did you and the Canadian guy fell asleep during soccer matches?
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Ah.. Ich habe von dir gehört.

You're America, nein?
I am Alamanni.

Schön, Sie kennen zu lernen.
( Nice to meet you. )

Hast any questionz, feel vree to ask.
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Hey America!! So, do you have a thing going on with Russia?
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